Floor Wash - Bondi Wash

Bondi Wash


A gentle, non-toxic Floor Wash or multi-purpose cleaner naturally scented with Australian botanicals to kill germs and refresh the home. 

  • Highly concentrated - only a small amount is needed (500ml lasts an average of 80 washes)
  • 99%+ plant-derived ingredients (<1% are food-grade preservatives to keep the products shelf-stable)
  • Gentle and non-toxic formulation safe to use around babies and pets
  • Made in Australia
  • Lemon Tea Tree & Mandarin – Uplifting

Pour a small amount (a capful) into a bucket as it fills with warm water. Mop or clean as required. Suitable for use as a multipurpose cleaner on any surface. Can be used directly onto a wet sponge for spot cleaning. Test an inconspicuous area first. Store in a cool, dry place.

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